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:icondrumfishproductions: is excited for 2015 and can’t wait to get all of our new work out there and start our convention season! Here are just some of things we have planned…
First off, this year will finally see the release of the long await SENTINELS ANTHOLOGY #2! We’re very proud of the book and hope everyone will feel it was worth the wait. There are 37 different creators involved this time. Here are just a few who are here on deviantArt:
 :iconlucianovecchio::iconjamiefayx::iconrichbernatovech::icondstpierre::iconigloinor::iconnatedsaint::icongenekelly::iconmicha-vom-wald::icondany-morales::icongavinmichelli::iconabc142::iconbernce::iconjomanmercado::iconmisfitcorner::iconpeng-peng::iconbturnerart::iconbleedingheartworks: And every one of them did an unbelievable job! The book is truly a labor of love and looks beautiful! It features solo stories on favorite SENTINELS characters that didn’t get the spotlight in the first Anthology and also has a huge story focused on the (now grown) 3rd generation SENTINELS! But that’s not all, you’ll also get to see the 1st and 2nd generation SENTINELS in action too. With only a few pages left to complete now, we hope to have this book printed in time for our first convention of 2015!
Sentinels Anthology #2 Cover by RichBernatovech

Next up, for those of you waiting patiently for NEVERMINDS #5, have no fear! The next issue of the series is action-packed and pushes everything to the climatic final issue of the first storyline. Those of you who have been following NEVERMINDS know that there have been lots of twists and turns throughout. But we’re not done yet! Jamie Fay :iconjamiefayx:, Danielle Alexis St. Pierre :icondstpierre: and I :iconrichbernatovech: have a few more surprises up our sleeves! Stay tuned!

We’ll also be continuing with the release of the re-visioned and colorized version of the original SENTINELS series in digital form on Comixology (… ). With issue #5, Luciano Vecchio :iconlucianovecchio: and myself :iconrichbernatovech: were joined by the talented Ihor Loboda :iconigloinor: as colorist for the series and he has been knocking it out of the part with his contribution to the new vision of the series. Issues 6 and 7 are completed and will up on Comixology soon! Ihor is already working on issue #8! See previews on our blog or the Facebook page here:…


We have a few more things cooking, but we’ll announce them when the time is right.
But we’d like to start this year off by announcing our 5th Art Contest for Drumfish Productions here on deviantArt! We’ve been very grateful and honored with all our past contests entries! Here are the past winners….

So many talented artists have contributed and it’s been great to see them work with us later on different projects or go on to work on other independent books!
I can’t wait to see what the results are this time!

The rules are simple and the same as before:

1. Create a piece of art featuring any Drumfish Productions character/s. (Sentinels, NeverMinds, our Anthology and/or Bugged. See galleries at and…
2. Use any medium you like. Pencils, inks, paints, etc. Let's see your talent. Go wild!
3. You may enter up to THREE times, but only your top scoring entry will be awarded a prize (meaning you can not win 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for the same contest). 
4. Deadline: April 18th, 2015. Don't wait until the last minute though! Time goes by quickly and before you know it the deadline will pass!

1 year subscription to deviantART and $50.
All four Sentinels Graphic Novels plus the Sentinels Anthology #1 and 2, Neverminds #1, 2, 3 and 4 and Bugged!
Your choice of one of Drumfish's figurines.

1 year subscription to deviantART
All four Sentinels Graphic Novels plus the Sentinels Anthology #1 and 2, Neverminds #1, 2, 3 and 4 and Bugged!

All four Sentinels Graphic Novels plus the Sentinels Anthology #1 and 2, Neverminds #1, 2, 3 and 4 and Bugged!

Sentinels Book 1: Footsteps by RichBernatovechSentinels Book 2: Masks by RichBernatovechSentinels Book 3: Echoes by RichBernatovechSentinels Book 4: Hope by RichBernatovechSentinels Anthology Cover by RichBernatovechSentinels Anthology #2 Cover by RichBernatovechNeverMinds Cover by JamieFayXNeverminds Issue 2 Cover by RichBernatovechNeverminds Issue 3 Cover by RichBernatovechNeverMinds #4 Cover by JamieFayXBugged Cover by RichBernatovech

Alanis Munroe Statue Final Version by RichBernatovechFirebomb Statue Final Version by RichBernatovechTemplar Statue Final Version by RichBernatovechSamanya Statue Final Version by RichBernatovechSplash Statue Final Version by RichBernatovechNina Statue Final Version by RichBernatovechPhazer Statue Final Version by RichBernatovech

On April 19th, 2015, the Drumfish Productions judges will each score the entrees. Each piece will be scored on a scale of 1-5. FIVE being the highest and ONE being the lowest. The top 3 scores will win.


Feel free to ask any questions that you may have and we will answer them promptly.

So, pull out your sketch pad, wacom tablet, paint brushes, etc. and let's see some art!!

Contest is open to all contributors, members, watchers, and any deviant interested. Please feel free to pass along this journal to anyone who may be interested, or repost this in your own journal.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

And please check out digital versions of all of our titles (included the re-visioned and colorized version of SENTINELS) at Comixology at… or check out our store here for hard copies of all of our books and figurines.

Thank you all for your continual support!!!!

Huntress Panel Art by RichBernatovechBlack Canary Panel Art by RichBernatovechGreen Arrow Panel Art by RichBernatovechZatanna Panel Art by RichBernatovechMera Panel Art by RichBernatovechAquaman Panel Art by RichBernatovechFlash Panel Art by RichBernatovechBatman Panel Art by RichBernatovechWonder Woman Panel Art by RichBernatovechSuperman Panel Art by RichBernatovechCyborg Panel Art by RichBernatovechGreen Lantern Panel Art by RichBernatovechStar Sapphire Panel Art by RichBernatovechDonna Troy Panel Art by RichBernatovechVixen Panel Art by RichBernatovechBatgirl Panel Art by RichBernatovechSupergirl Panel Art by RichBernatovechSuperboy Panel Art by RichBernatovechHarley Quinn Panel Art by RichBernatovechPoison Ivy Panel Art by RichBernatovechCatwoman Panel Art by RichBernatovechNightwing Panel Art by RichBernatovechStarfire Panel Art by RichBernatovechRed Hood Panel Art by RichBernatovechBatwoman Panel Art by RichBernatovechDeath Panel Art by RichBernatovechHulk Panel Art by RichBernatovechBlack Widow Panel Art by RichBernatovechCaptain America Panel Art by RichBernatovechCaptain Marvel Panel Art by RichBernatovechThor Panel Art by RichBernatovechIronMan Panel Art by RichBernatovechBlack Panther Panel Art by RichBernatovechShe-Hulk Panel Art by RichBernatovechHawkeye Panel Art by RichBernatovechSpider Woman Panel Art by RichBernatovechSpider Gwen Panel Art by RichBernatovechSpiderman Art Inks by RichBernatovechSpider-Man Miles Morales Panel Art by RichBernatovechMs. Marvel Panel Art by RichBernatovechSquirrel Girl Panel Art by RichBernatovechGroot and Rocket Panel Art by RichBernatovechDazzler Panel Art by RichBernatovechNorthstar Panel Art by RichBernatovechKitty Pryde Panel Art by RichBernatovechGambit Panel Art by RichBernatovechRogue Panel Art by RichBernatovechStorm Panel Art by RichBernatovechEmma Frost Panel Art by RichBernatovechPhoenix Panel Art by RichBernatovechDark Phoenix Panel Art by RichBernatovechElsa Panel Art by RichBernatovechMaleficent Panel Art by RichBernatovechUrsula Panel Art by RichBernatovechMichonne Panel Art by RichBernatovechRick Grimes Panel Art by RichBernatovechTMNT Art Inks by RichBernatovech


Ursula Panel Art by RichBernatovech
Ursula Panel Art
Elsa and Maleficent have been two of the most popular prints I've done and I've gotten a lot of requests for Ursula from the Little Mermaid. So, I decided, what the heck, let's give her a try, lol. And I'm glad I did. I had a blast drawing her! She's so much fun to draw, lol. Naturally, Ihor Loboda :iconigloinor: did the crazy awesome colors on her. I hope people like her as much as they did the other Disney pics I've done. 

Ursula (c) Disney 
Ursula Art Inks by RichBernatovech
Ursula Art Inks
Here's a character I didn't think I'd ever draw...Ursula from Disney's The Little Mermaid!
The Elsa and Maleficent prints I've done have been two of my most popular prints and when I asked people who else from Disney they would like to see, most of them said Ursula. And you know what, I'm totally glad they did. I honestly loved drawing this character. I had no idea she would be so much fun. But just look at her, lol, she's so different and evil to draw! I now understand why she has such a fan following.  :D

Ursula © Disney
Rick Grimes Panel Art by RichBernatovech
Rick Grimes Panel Art
Here's my version of Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead. I decided to go for the comic look for him a bit more than the TV show version. I think his look is iconic enough (like the Michonne picture I did) where you know who he is no matter if it's the comic look or tv look. Of course, as if it was a surprise, the ever talented, Ihor Loboda :iconigloinor:kicked ass on this one and brought him to life! Thanks, Ihor!

Rick Grimes (c) Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard
TMNT Art Inks by RichBernatovech
TMNT Art Inks
Back when I was doing a lot of my headshot sketches, I did one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that I really liked. So, recently, when I looked at it again, I thought it would work as a Panel Print in my new print series. I re-drew it and changed some things a bit until I was happy with how it looked.
Colors to come soon!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles © Mirage Studios
Here is yet another AMAZING cover by Luciano Vecchio :iconlucianovecchio: and Ihor Loboda :iconigloinor:.
This is issue #7 from the re-visioned and colorized version of SENTINELS! 
We hope to have the issue available by the end of the month for digital download on the Comixology website.
Check out SENTINELS and our other titles ready for digital download at…


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