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It's been an amazing and also insanely busy summer here, so there haven't been many new journal entries. 
But hopefully, this one will make up for it!
First, I have to thank the Honolulu Comicon for having me as a guest in July. The show was everything I had hoped it would be and more! I sold out of SENTINELS books the first day, sold out of BUGGED on day 2 and only had two copies of NEVERMINDS left by day 3! I also sold a ton of art and prints and had so many nice and supportive people stop by. It was definitely one of my favorite show so far. It didn't hurt that I also got to see and travel all around Oahu. I even climbed volcanos and waterfalls! It was a blast. So, thank you to all involved in making the show and the trip an unforgettable one!
This summer has mostly been about getting my webcomic, KOWA and our new series, BLESSED SONS, off the ground. I'm working with the talented Ihor Loboda :iconigloinor: on both of these projects. On KOWA, I'm doing the writing and art with Ihor handling the coloring. While on BLESSED SONS, Ihor is doing all of the art with me writing. I've very proud of both projects and we're almost ready to release them out into the world! KOWA will premiere first. It'll be an all-ages story and be free online. I just want to get a few more pages complete before we begin posting a page a week! We hope to have BLESSED SONS done in the fall and I can't wait to show off the art Ihor is doing. It's perfect!
We'll also see the release of issue #8 of the re-visioned and colorized SENTINELS on Comixology next month! This will be the final chapter of what was the first original graphic novel. With updated text from me, updated art from Luciano and colors by the incredible Ihor, it's like a whole new series! If you haven't checked out any of the updated issues of SENTINELS, you're really missing out!
I'm also happy to report that I'll be at NYCC for the 2016 show on October 6 - 9! What's really great about the show for us this year is that Jamie Fay :iconjamiefayx: and I will be reunited with SENTINELS co-creator and artist, Luciano Vecchio :iconlucianovecchio:! That's right, all three of us will be at the show again. So, get your pre-show commission orders in now!  We'll be in artist alley at tables H14 and H15
And finally, in honor of our new titles starting up, NYCC, Luciano's visit and just because it's been a while since we last did one, we proud to announce we are having our 6th Drumfish Productions Art Contest here on deviantart! The rules will all stay the same and :iconrichbernatovech::iconlucianovecchio::iconjamiefayx::icondstpierre: and :iconigloinor: are the judges once more! 

Here are the details:

1. Create a piece of art featuring any Drumfish Productions character/s. (Sentinels, NeverMinds, our Anthologies, Bugged, Kowa or Blessed Sons. See galleries at and… 
2. Use any medium you like. Pencils, inks, paints, etc. Let's see your talent. Go wild!
3. You may enter up to THREE times, but only your top scoring entry will be awarded a prize (meaning you can not win 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for the same contest). 
4. Deadline: November 30th, 2016. Don't wait until the last minute though! Time goes by quickly and before you know it the deadline will pass!

1 year subscription to deviantART and $50.
All four Sentinels Graphic Novels plus the Sentinels Anthology #1 and 2, Bugged, Neverminds #1, 2, 3 and 4 and Blessed Sons #1!
Your choice of one of Drumfish's figurines.

1 year subscription to deviantART
All four Sentinels Graphic Novels plus the Sentinels Anthology #1 and 2, Bugged, Neverminds #1, 2, 3 and 4 and Blessed Sons #1!

All four Sentinels Graphic Novels plus the Sentinels Anthology #1 and 2, Bugged, Neverminds #1, 2, 3 and 4 and Blessed Sons #1!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. And please feel free to share the info about the contest to any Deviant Artist you think might be interested.
Good luck to all of you who enter!!
-Rich B.

Sentinels Book 1: Footsteps by RichBernatovechSentinels Book 2: Masks by RichBernatovechSentinels Book 3: Echoes by RichBernatovechSentinels Book 4: Hope by RichBernatovechSentinels Anthology Cover by RichBernatovechSentinels Anthology #2 Cover by RichBernatovechNeverMinds Cover by JamieFayXNeverminds Issue 2 Cover by RichBernatovechNeverminds Issue 3 Cover by RichBernatovechNeverMinds #4 Cover by JamieFayXBugged Cover by RichBernatovech
Alanis Munroe Statue Final Version by RichBernatovechFirebomb Statue Final Version by RichBernatovechTemplar Statue Final Version by RichBernatovechSamanya Statue Final Version by RichBernatovechSplash Statue Final Version by RichBernatovechNina Statue Final Version by RichBernatovechPhazer Statue Final Version by RichBernatovechHarlette Statue Final Version by RichBernatovech

Please follow us on FacebookTwitter, or visit our website.
And please purchase our newly re-visioned and colorized version of SENTINELS for only .99 each here!

Templar Panel Art by RichBernatovechAlanis Panel Art by RichBernatovechBugged Panel Art by RichBernatovechSplash Panel Art by RichBernatovechHuntress Panel Art by RichBernatovechPowergirl Panel Art by RichBernatovechBlack Canary Panel Art by RichBernatovechGreen Arrow Panel Art by RichBernatovechZatanna Panel Art by RichBernatovechMera Panel Art by RichBernatovechAquaman Panel Art by RichBernatovechFlash Panel Art by RichBernatovechBatman Panel Art 2 by RichBernatovechWonder Woman Panel Art by RichBernatovechSuperman Panel Art by RichBernatovechCyborg Panel Art by RichBernatovechGreen Lantern Panel Art by RichBernatovechStar Sapphire Panel Art by RichBernatovechHawkgirl Panel Art by RichBernatovechJohn Stewart GL Panel Art by RichBernatovechVixen Panel Art by RichBernatovechGuy Gardner GL Panel Art by RichBernatovechKatana Panel Art by RichBernatovechDonna Troy Panel Art by RichBernatovechBatgirl Panel Art 2 by RichBernatovechSupergirl Panel Art by RichBernatovechRed Robin Panel Art by RichBernatovechSuperboy Panel Art by RichBernatovechStatic Panel Art by RichBernatovechRaven Panel Art by RichBernatovechNightwing Panel Art 2 by RichBernatovechStarfire Panel Art by RichBernatovechRed Hood Panel Art by RichBernatovechBatwoman Panel Art by RichBernatovechRobin Panel Art by RichBernatovechHarley Quinn Panel Art by RichBernatovechJoker Panel Art by RichBernatovechHarley Quinn Panel Art 2 by RichBernatovechCatwoman Panel Art 2 by RichBernatovechPoison Ivy Panel Art 2 Green Version by RichBernatovechPoison Ivy Panel Art 2 by RichBernatovechScarecrow Panel Art by RichBernatovechDeath Panel Art by RichBernatovechDream Panel Art by RichBernatovechHulk Panel Art by RichBernatovechBlack Widow Panel Art 2 by RichBernatovechWinter Solider Panel Art by RichBernatovechCaptain America Panel Art Colored By Ihor Loboda by RichBernatovechCaptain America Sam Wilson Panel Art by RichBernatovechAgent Carter Panel Art by RichBernatovechCaptain Marvel Panel Art 2 by RichBernatovechThor Panel Art by RichBernatovechIronMan Panel Art by RichBernatovechBlack Panther Panel Art by RichBernatovechShe-Hulk Panel Art 2 by RichBernatovechMockingbird Panel Art by RichBernatovechHawkeye Panel Art Colored By Ihor Loboda by RichBernatovechScarlet Witch Panel Art by RichBernatovechAnt-Man Panel Art by RichBernatovechWasp Panel Art by RichBernatovechThor Jane Foster Panel Art by RichBernatovechLoki Panel Art by RichBernatovechSilver Surfer Panel Art by RichBernatovechSpider Woman Panel Art by RichBernatovechSpider Gwen Panel Art by RichBernatovechSpiderman Panel Art by RichBernatovechSpider-Man Miles Morales Panel Art by RichBernatovechKate Bishop Hawkeye Panel Art by RichBernatovechMs. Marvel Panel Art by RichBernatovechSquirrel Girl Panel Art by RichBernatovechGroot and Rocket Panel Art Colored By Ihor Loboda by RichBernatovechDazzler Panel Art by RichBernatovechNorthstar Panel Art by RichBernatovechColossus Panel Art by RichBernatovechPsylocke Panel Art by RichBernatovechNightcrawler Panel Art by RichBernatovechKitty Pryde Panel Art by RichBernatovechStorm Mohawk Panel Art by RichBernatovechGambit Panel Art by RichBernatovechRogue Panel Art by RichBernatovechStorm Panel Art by RichBernatovechEmma Frost Panel Art by RichBernatovechPhoenix Panel Art by RichBernatovechDark Phoenix Panel Art by RichBernatovechWolverine - Logan Panel Art by RichBernatovechWolverine Panel Art by RichBernatovechDeadpool Panel Art by RichBernatovechHellcat Panel Art by RichBernatovechJessica Jones Panel Art by RichBernatovechDaredevil Panel Art by RichBernatovechElsa Panel Art by RichBernatovechMaleficent Panel Art by RichBernatovechUrsula Panel Art by RichBernatovechAriel Panel Art by RichBernatovechJack Skellington Panel Art by RichBernatovechSally Panel Art by RichBernatovechHan Solo Panel Art by RichBernatovechPrincess Leia Panel Art by RichBernatovechLuke Skywalker Panel Art by RichBernatovechDarth Vader Panel Art by RichBernatovechBB8 Panel Art by RichBernatovechMichonne Panel Art by RichBernatovechRick Grimes Panel Art 2 by RichBernatovechDaryl Dixon Panel Art by RichBernatovechCarol Peletier Panel Art by RichBernatovechTyrion Panel Art by RichBernatovechDaenerys Targaryen Panel Art by RichBernatovechJon Snow Panel Art by RichBernatovechCersei Panel Art by RichBernatovechTMNT Panel Art by RichBernatovechNaruto Panel Art by RichBernatovechJem Panel Art by RichBernatovechPizzazz Panel Art by RichBernatovechLion O Panel Art by RichBernatovechCheetara Panel Art by RichBernatovechHe-Man Panel Art by RichBernatovechShe-Ra Panel Art by RichBernatovechPink Power Ranger Panel Art by RichBernatovech


Kowa Character Design by RichBernatovech
Kowa Character Design
Our new all-ages, free webcomic, KOWA, is launching soon and we wanted to start introducing some of the characters!
Here is the title character himself, Kowa!
As the son of his tribe's leader, a lot is expected of Kowa and as much as he tries, he can't seem to stay out of trouble or do anything right.
Full of energy, adventurous and way too inquisitive, Kowa struggles to prove himself to his father and the entire tribe.

Kowa (c) Drumfish Productions
Art and Story by :iconrichbernatovech: Rich Bernatovech. Colors by :iconigloinor: Ihor Loboda.
Daredevil Panel Art by RichBernatovech
Daredevil Panel Art
Daredevil...lines by me and colors by the amazing :iconigloinor: Ihor Loboda. Honestly one of my favorite collabs we've done lately. Ihor kicked ass on this one!

Daredevil (c) Marvel Comics
Daredevil Art Inks by RichBernatovech
Daredevil Art Inks
I love Daredevil on Netflix! I think it's one of the best superhero tv shows ever done. That being said, lol, I hate drawing this costume! There are so many little parts to it, I know I didn't get it exactly the way it should be. I tried my best though and hope it looks close to what it should look like.   :)

I know the plans we have for the color version of this and Ihor Loboda :iconigloino: will make it look amazinggggg as always!

Daredevil (c) Marvel Comics
Walking Dead Panel Grouping by RichBernatovech
Walking Dead Panel Grouping
I posted a grouping of the Game of Thrones characters I've drawn along with Ihor Loboda :iconigloinor:, so I thought I'd do the same for the Walking Dead characters. Now that Rick has been re-drawn, I think they work well together. :)

Walking Dead (c) Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charles Adlard
Rick Grimes Panel Art 2 by RichBernatovech
Rick Grimes Panel Art 2
Rick Grimes was the first Walking Dead character I drew and I had originally drawn him based on his comic book portrayal. Later, when I drew other characters, I based them on the TV series. So, I really wanted to update the original Rick Grimes drawing I did and base the face on Andrew Lincoln more. I think he fits in much better with the others I've done now. Big thanks to Ihor Loboda :iconigloinor: for the photoshop surgery and merging both old and new versions here. He made it look easy. :)

Rick Grimes (c) Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and Tony Moore


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Thank you! I've been working a LOT on it and can't wait to debut it soon.  :)
And I agree with you, Luciano's rendition of Kowa looks amazing! It was a terrific surprise!
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