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Happy Holidays everyone!!
I feel I need to say thank you to all the deviants out there who have been so supportive this year. 
Personally speaking, I feel I really stretched my artistic abilities drawing all of the Panel Prints I've done this year and it's meant a lot to me that every week I got more and more followers on here and many kind comments toward my art. I had intended to start my first ever webcomic, KOWA, this summer, but I decided to work on it more and make it the best it can be. I've very excited to get reaction to what will be the first work I do that I will be writing and drawing myself! Coloring on KOWA will be by the master, Ihor Loboda :iconigloinor:, so you know it will look good! In addition to that, next year will see a new title by Ihor and I. I'll be doing the writing on this one and Ihor will be handling all the art. If you liked BUGGED, you're going to love this one. And don't think I forgot NEVERMINDS! The series will start up again with artist, Jamie Fay :iconjamiefayx: and colorist, Danielle Alexis St. Pierre :icondstpierre: in 2016! We are charging forward with the climax of our first storyline on there and I know it will be surprising!
Sentinels Anthology #2 Cover by RichBernatovech
We finally released the SENTINELS Anthology #2 and premiered it at the 2015 New York Comicon! The Anthology was truly a labor of love and more than half of the creators on the book were people we met or know through here on Deviant Art! Take a bow, DeviantArtists!!!

The other reason for this posting this journal entry is to  let everyone know about our  :icondrumfishproductions: sale! 
We wanted to offer some nice deals for people to give as gifts (or get one for yourself), so, for the next few weeks we are having a sale! Head over to our store at:…
or note me with any question!

Our special deals are: 
2015 Neverminds Holiday Ad by RichBernatovech2015 Sentinels Holiday Sale by RichBernatovech
All three NEVERMINDS figurines (Alanis, Nina and Samanya) and all four current issues of the series for only $100! 
That's a forty dollar savings! 
Usually the figurines are $40 each and the comic are $5 each, making the total $140. But we are proud to offer this Sale that saves you $40!
Jamie Fay did the designs for all of the figurines and I know there are a lot of fans of his work out there! So, don't miss out! We only have a limited supply left of the figurines! 

All SIX of the SENTINELS trades (Books 1-4 and Anthology 1-2) for only $35! What a freaking deal! Seriously, we only offer a discount at conventions, but we are close to being out of the original trades and want to make this offer again for Holidays! Amazing art! Amazing story! Don't miss out!

And our other SENTINELS sale is the offer of buying one figurine and getting two headshot commissions drawn by me (Rich) for only $40! You can pick whatever characters you want for me to draw, but act fast because in order to get these done by the holidays I need a little time. Also, this deal is also available if you want to order a NEVERMINDS figurine too. Just make a note in the description on your order or note me here on DeviantArt.

I hope you all have an amazing holiday time!

Best Wishes,
Rich B. 
Sentinels Book 1: Footsteps by RichBernatovechSentinels Book 2: Masks by RichBernatovechSentinels Book 3: Echoes by RichBernatovechSentinels Book 4: Hope by RichBernatovechSentinels Anthology Cover by RichBernatovechSentinels Anthology #2 Cover by RichBernatovechNeverMinds Cover by JamieFayXNeverminds Issue 2 Cover by RichBernatovechNeverminds Issue 3 Cover by RichBernatovechNeverMinds #4 Cover by JamieFayXBugged Cover by RichBernatovech
Alanis Munroe Statue Final Version by RichBernatovechFirebomb Statue Final Version by RichBernatovechTemplar Statue Final Version by RichBernatovechSamanya Statue Final Version by RichBernatovechSplash Statue Final Version by RichBernatovechNina Statue Final Version by RichBernatovechPhazer Statue Final Version by RichBernatovechHarlette Statue Final Version by RichBernatovech

Please follow us on FacebookTwitter, or visit our website.
And please purchase our newly re-visioned and colorized version of SENTINELS for only .99 each here!

Templar Panel Art by RichBernatovechAlanis Panel Art by RichBernatovechBugged Panel Art by RichBernatovechHuntress Panel Art by RichBernatovechPowergirl Panel Art by RichBernatovechBlack Canary Panel Art by RichBernatovechGreen Arrow Panel Art by RichBernatovechZatanna Panel Art by RichBernatovechMera Panel Art by RichBernatovechAquaman Panel Art by RichBernatovechFlash Panel Art by RichBernatovechBatman Panel Art by RichBernatovechWonder Woman Panel Art by RichBernatovechSuperman Panel Art by RichBernatovechCyborg Panel Art by RichBernatovechGreen Lantern Panel Art by RichBernatovechStar Sapphire Panel Art by RichBernatovechHawkgirl Panel Art by RichBernatovechJohn Stewart GL Panel Art by RichBernatovechVixen Panel Art by RichBernatovechDonna Troy Panel Art by RichBernatovechBatgirl Panel Art 2 by RichBernatovechSupergirl Panel Art by RichBernatovechRed Robin Panel Art by RichBernatovechSuperboy Panel Art by RichBernatovechStatic Panel Art by RichBernatovechRaven Panel Art by RichBernatovechNightwing Panel Art 2 by RichBernatovechStarfire Panel Art by RichBernatovechRed Hood Panel Art by RichBernatovechBatwoman Panel Art by RichBernatovechRobin Panel Art by RichBernatovechHarley Quinn Panel Art by RichBernatovechJoker Panel Art by RichBernatovechHarley Quinn Panel Art 2 by RichBernatovechPoison Ivy Panel Art 2 by RichBernatovechPoison Ivy Panel Art 2 Green Version by RichBernatovechCatwoman Panel Art by RichBernatovechDeath Panel Art by RichBernatovechDream Panel Art by RichBernatovechHulk Panel Art by RichBernatovechBlack Widow Panel Art by RichBernatovechWinter Solider Panel Art by RichBernatovechCaptain America Panel Art Colored By Ihor Loboda by RichBernatovechCaptain America Sam Wilson Art Inks by RichBernatovechAgent Carter Panel Art by RichBernatovechCaptain Marvel Panel Art 2 by RichBernatovechThor Panel Art by RichBernatovechIronMan Panel Art by RichBernatovechBlack Panther Panel Art by RichBernatovechShe-Hulk Panel Art 2 by RichBernatovechMockingbird Panel Art by RichBernatovechHawkeye Panel Art Colored By Ihor Loboda by RichBernatovechScarlet Witch Panel Art by RichBernatovechAnt-Man Panel Art by RichBernatovechWasp Panel Art by RichBernatovechThor Jane Foster Panel Art by RichBernatovechLoki Panel Art by RichBernatovechSpider Woman Panel Art by RichBernatovechSpider Gwen Panel Art by RichBernatovechSpiderman Panel Art by RichBernatovechSpider-Man Miles Morales Panel Art by RichBernatovechKate Bishop Hawkeye Panel Art by RichBernatovechMs. Marvel Panel Art by RichBernatovechSquirrel Girl Panel Art by RichBernatovechGroot and Rocket Panel Art Colored By Ihor Loboda by RichBernatovechDazzler Panel Art by RichBernatovechNorthstar Panel Art by RichBernatovechColossus Panel Art by RichBernatovechPsylocke Panel Art by RichBernatovechNightcrawler Panel Art by RichBernatovechKitty Pryde Panel Art by RichBernatovechStorm Mohawk Panel Art by RichBernatovechGambit Panel Art by RichBernatovechRogue Panel Art by RichBernatovechStorm Panel Art by RichBernatovechEmma Frost Panel Art by RichBernatovechPhoenix Panel Art by RichBernatovechDark Phoenix Panel Art by RichBernatovechWolverine - Logan Panel Art by RichBernatovechWolverine Panel Art by RichBernatovechDeadpool Panel Art by RichBernatovechElsa Panel Art by RichBernatovechMaleficent Panel Art by RichBernatovechUrsula Panel Art by RichBernatovechAriel Panel Art by RichBernatovechJack Skellington Panel Art by RichBernatovechHan Solo Panel Art by RichBernatovechPrincess Leia Panel Art by RichBernatovechLuke Skywalker Panel Art by RichBernatovechDarth Vader Panel Art by RichBernatovechBB8 Panel Art by RichBernatovechMichonne Panel Art by RichBernatovechRick Grimes Panel Art by RichBernatovechDaryl Dixon Panel Art by RichBernatovechDaenerys Targaryen Panel Art by RichBernatovechJon Snow Panel Art by RichBernatovechTMNT Panel Art by RichBernatovechNaruto Panel Art by RichBernatovechJem Art Inks by RichBernatovechLion O Panel Art by RichBernatovechShe-Ra Art Inks by RichBernatovech


Jem Art Inks by RichBernatovech
Jem Art Inks
Another 80s cartoon character! This time it's Jem, the outrageous title character of the iconic first girl-power musical cartoon show. Like I did with She-Ra, I used a headshot sketch I did a while back as the base for this version of Jem. I can't wait to see what Ihor Loboda :iconigloinor: does with the coloring for her here.  :D

Jem (c) Universal Studios
She-Ra Art Inks by RichBernatovech
She-Ra Art Inks
On a bit of an 80s cartoon kick here and since I recently drew Lion O from Thundercats, I wanted to draw some other classic characters. Here is He-Man's sister, She-Ra! I used an headshot sketch I did of her as the base here.

She-Ra (c) Mattel and Dreamworks
Lion O Panel Art by RichBernatovech
Lion O Panel Art
Thunder...Thunder...Thundercats! Ho!!!
I loved this cartoon back in the day and was feeling nostalgic and drew Lion O. Of course he would not look as amazing if not for the always incredible colors from Ihor Loboda! :iconigloinor:

Lion O and Thundercats (c) Warner Brothers
Jon Snow Panel Art by RichBernatovech
Jon Snow Panel Art

I'm a big fan of Game of Thrones and had to draw some more characters from the show (I already drew Daenerys). Here is Jon Snow, along with Ghost in the background! The ever-amazing Ihor Loboda :iconigloinor: did the kickass colors here. I'm thinking I gotta draw Tyrion next!

Game of Thrones and Jon Snow (c) George R.R. Martin

Lion O Art Inks by RichBernatovech
Lion O Art Inks
I remember watching the original Thundercats cartoon after school when I was young and thinking the animation was amazing. And Lion O from the Thundercats was  a great character.
Back in the 80s, we had a lot of new and fresh cartoons that today are considered "classic" and people look back on with a lot of nostalgia. I admit, I'm one of them, lol. So, I was iunspired to draw Lion O today. I hope to do more animated characters soon!

Thundercats and Lion O (c) Warner Brothers


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Kristherion Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Hey Rich!
Happy New Year!
My best wishes of success for you and your family. :D
Thanks for all the support.
Regards :)
RichBernatovech Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016
Happy New Year to you too!!! Best to you and your family also.  :D:D:D
Kristherion Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
You're welcome Rich and thanks too! :D
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Plum Christmas by JohnnyFive81
RichBernatovech Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2015
Thank you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!
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A lot of thanks for Fav Black Canary by Ricardo Silva!
Glad you like it!:D
Nightshade475 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2015
Great seeing and chatting with you again @ NYCC! :) (Thundercats jersey). 
RichBernatovech Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2015
Hey!! Great to chat with you too. Thank you so much for stopping by.  :D   I hope you had a great show.
Jwgirl Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the fave
TheUnsungTrouvere Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2015  Hobbyist
I'm just super impressed with the fact that you're writing and drawing your own comic! Your art style is quite lovely. :thumbsup: I can't wait to read it when it comes out. Best of luck with all the craziness that comes between now and then! :D
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