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Happy Holidays!!!
I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. 
To celebrate, we're having a special Holiday Sale on all of our :icondrumfishproductions: books!. This is a very limited time sale, so please go check it out now here!

While we're still finishing the 2nd SENTINELS ANTHOLOGY, we are happy to announce that issue #5 of the re-visioned and colorized version of SENTINELS is now available on Comixology! You can purchase the issue here: 
With this issue, we're super proud and happy to welcome Ihor Loboda :iconigloinor: as our colorist for the colorized Sentinels (as well as the main story in the 2nd Anthology). This is Ihor first published American work and just waiti until you see the magic he created with this issue. Ihor is a real talent and I'm sure he will be a big name in the comic world too! I say this all the time, lol, but, yet again, I'm very lucky to work with so many amazing artists!
SENTINELS: RE-VISIONED COVER #5 by RichBernatovechSentinels Anthology #2 Cover by RichBernatovech

Best wishes to all and thank you again for such a great convention season! I can't wait for 2015!

Sentinels Book 1: Footsteps by RichBernatovechSentinels Book 2: Masks by RichBernatovechSentinels Book 3: Echoes by RichBernatovechSentinels Book 4: Hope by RichBernatovechSentinels Anthology Cover by RichBernatovechSentinels Anthology #2 Cover by RichBernatovechNeverMinds Cover by JamieFayXNeverminds Issue 2 Cover by RichBernatovechNeverminds Issue 3 Cover by RichBernatovechNeverMinds #4 Cover by JamieFayXBugged Cover by RichBernatovech

Alanis Munroe Statue Final Version by RichBernatovechFirebomb Statue Final Version by RichBernatovechTemplar Statue Final Version by RichBernatovechSamanya Statue Final Version by RichBernatovechSplash Statue Final Version by RichBernatovechNina Statue Final Version by RichBernatovechPhazer Statue Final Version by RichBernatovech

Mera Panel Art by RichBernatovechAquaman Panel Art by RichBernatovechFlash Panel Art by RichBernatovechBlack Canary Panel Art by RichBernatovechZatanna Panel Art by RichBernatovechBatman Panel Art by RichBernatovechWonder Woman Panel Art by RichBernatovechSuperman Panel Art by RichBernatovechGreen Lantern Panel Art by RichBernatovechStar Sapphire Panel Art by RichBernatovechDonna Troy Panel Art by RichBernatovechVixen Panel Art by RichBernatovechBatgirl Panel Art by RichBernatovechSupergirl Panel Art by RichBernatovechSuperboy Panel Art by RichBernatovechHarley Quinn Panel Art by RichBernatovechPoison Ivy Panel Art by RichBernatovechCatwoman Panel Art by RichBernatovechNightwing Panel Art by RichBernatovechStarfire Panel Art by RichBernatovechRed Hood Panel Art by RichBernatovechBatwoman Panel Art by RichBernatovechDeath Panel Art by RichBernatovechHulk Panel Art by RichBernatovechBlack Widow Panel Art by RichBernatovechCaptain America Panel Art by RichBernatovechCaptain Marvel Panel Art by RichBernatovechThor Panel Art by RichBernatovechIronMan Panel Art by RichBernatovechShe-Hulk Panel Art by RichBernatovechHawkeye Panel Art by RichBernatovechSpider Woman Panel Art by RichBernatovechSpider Gwen Panel Art by RichBernatovechSpider-Man Miles Morales Panel Art by RichBernatovechSquirrel Girl Panel Art by RichBernatovechGroot and Rocket Panel Art by RichBernatovechNorthstar Panel Art by RichBernatovechKitty Pryde Panel Art by RichBernatovechGambit Panel Art by RichBernatovechRogue Panel Art by RichBernatovechStorm Panel Art by RichBernatovechEmma Frost Panel Art by RichBernatovechPhoenix Panel Art by RichBernatovechDark Phoenix Panel Art by RichBernatovechElsa Panel Art by RichBernatovechMaleficent Panel Art by RichBernatovechMichonne Panel Art by RichBernatovech

And please check out digital versions of all of our titles (included the re-visioned and colorized version of SENTINELS) at Comixology at… or check out our store here for hard copies of all of our books and figurines.




Zatanna Panel Art by RichBernatovech
Zatanna Panel Art
Here is the colored version of my Zatanna panel print colored by the extraordinarily talented, Ihor loboda :iconigloinor:.

Zatanna (c) DC Comics
Zatanna Art Inks by RichBernatovech
Zatanna Art Inks
I've been meaning to draw Zatanna for a while now, but had a tough time deciding on which look to do for her.  I finally decided on a semi-classic look without the top hat.
Colors soon!

Zatanna © DC Comics
Squirrel Girl Panel Art by RichBernatovech
Squirrel Girl Panel Art
It's great to see character that are fun and light-hearted again. And Squirrel Girl is one of those characters that just proves everything doesn't have to be grim and gritty all the time. She's got a huge following and a fun new book. I just had to draw her, lol.  The colors here are by the ever-amazing, Ihor Loboda :iconigloinor:   

Squirrel Girl (c) Marvel Comics
Squirrel Girl Art Inks by RichBernatovech
Squirrel Girl Art Inks
Since I started doing these panel style prints, I've often had a quick idea and drawn a character I didn't plan to or even have on my list. This time it happened with Squirrel Girl. I honestly didn't know much about the character, but with her new book just out, she's getting a lot of attention so I checked out the character. And I totally get it!! lol. I see why people love this character. She's a blast! I miss the "old" days when there were lighthearted and fun characters. I hope the book is a success and this is just the start of a new wave of characters and comics of this kind. Lol, I also love that she even has her own adjective in front of her name! The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl!

Squirrel Girl © Marvel Comics
Spider-Man Miles Morales Panel Art by RichBernatovech
Spider-Man Miles Morales Panel Art
When they introduced Miles Morales as the new Spider-Man in the Ultimate Spider-Man series, a lot of people weren't sure what to make of him or thought it would be a temporary change. But the character really grew and shined and became a fan favorite. I actually think it would be a smart move for them to bring him into the Marvel Universe properly. I have to admit though, that I'm really not a fan of drawing Spider-Man (any version). I have a difficult time drawing his costume and it's difficult to get him in a position that fits my panel prints size. But I thought I came up with a good shot...until I finished the inks and it was off on so many points. Thankfully, Ihor Loboda :iconigloinor: was even more helpful than usual and  convinced he could fix the problem areas and make Miles look great. He didn't lie, he is really the reason this pic turned out the way it did. Thanks, Ihor!

Spider-Man © Marvel Comics


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